Recommendations for use

"ROBIUS- educational platform of distance learning"

1. Software installation
To use the ROBIUS educational distance learning platform, you need the software indicated in the title of the IT course. It is recommended to install the software version of the current year. For example: the course was released in 2021 and is called "AUTODESK MAYA Basic Course", so you need to install AUTODESK MAYA 2021. Updates and version changes in the current year should not critically affect the progress of the course program.

A trial version of the software is sufficient to complete the course. If you're using a free trial, pay attention to the timing. For different software, they can be from 7 to 30 days.

Also, for taking IT courses, wet recommend using student versions of the software. For example: for AUTODESK products, for students of secondary schools, colleges and universities, you can get a free student license for up to 3 years.

We are not responsible for your use of software installed from third-party sources (not from the official site). By installing this software, you take responsibility for yourself.

2. Login
Only authorized users can use the ROBIUS Distance Learning Educational Platform. If you log out for some reasons, the access to the system you paid for will be suspended.

Do not forget your username and password from the ROBIUS Distance Learning Educational Platform. Keep your password in a safe place; when creating it, follow the general rules of strength.

If you are the only user on your PC, it is permissible to save your username and password by your browser. You assume responsibility for storing this information on your own.

3. Tutorials
When taking the video tutorials of our IT courses, we recommend:
1)Take notes
2)Use hot keys
3)Excerpts of theoretical material, the names of commands and tools should be recorded in a notebook, revise the material.
4)In a practical lesson, try the tools that the teacher uses. To consolidate the material after the lessons on any of your own examples and layouts.
5)Do not worry when you have difficulties. You should make efforts to succeed. 
6) If it is necessary, use any other information on the Internet.

4. Tests
You will pass a test after you finish studying theoretical material on these topics.

No additional knowledge is required to answer the test questions.

The test is intended to consolidate the theoretical material. Knowledge of the above material will help in further work with the course software.

The test may contain English terms. We recommend using the software in English, since most members of the professional community use English versions and communicate with each other (in chats, forums, on their channels) also in English.

We advise you to continue studying the subsequent modules after passing the tests on the lessons learned. Skipping tests can have negative impact.

5. Practical works
Practical work is performed after completing modules with practical lessons. The teacher explains how to work with tools and perform operations on your own.

To do a practical work, you need repeat the actions which were performed by the teacher.
To send a work, take a screenshot in the work program. Send an image of your layout (with Jpeg or PNG resolution) for review.

We advise you to continue studying the subsequent practical and theoretical modules after passing the practical work on the lessons learned. You mustn’t skip them.

6. A final work
The purpose of the final work is to consolidate theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The completed practical work will test your character and endurance.

You will be a young specialist who has received a technical assignment.

When you complete a final work, the teacher will personally assess it, give the necessary recommendations for your further training, point out the mistakes and give an opportunity to correct them.

In case of successful defense, you will receive a personal certificate of completion of the IT School ROBIUS course, which will be useful for your portfolio.
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