Return policy 

1.General conditions
1.1. The user has the right to unilaterally refuse to receive the services provided by the IT School ROBIUS.
1.2. To unsubscribe, the User must inform the Administrator of his desire to terminate access to the Service. The specified message is sent to the email address: The Administrator terminates the User's access to the Service within two working days from the receipt of the corresponding message.
The terms of refusal to provide services under agreements on education and return of funds are governed by the terms of the relevant agreements posted in the section "User Agreement".
1.3. For a refund, the User should send an application in the form provided by the  IT School ROBIUS. Refunds are made within ten working days from the date of receipt of the application. Unless otherwise agreed with the User, the refund holds in the same way and according to the same details for which the User made the payment.
1.4. The calculation of the funds amount returned by the Administrator in case of refusal is carried out in accordance with clause 2 of these Rules.
2. Refund of funds within the "Subscription"
2.1. The amount to be refunded upon unsubscribe is determined as the difference between the amount paid and the actual costs incurred.
2.2. The actual expenses incurred are calculated as of the date of submission of the application for refusal to receive services (application for a refund).
2.2.1. If the application for refusal was received before the end of the term for the provision of services - in proportion to the number of days during which classes were held available in the User's Personal Account.
2.2.2. If the application for refusal is received after the end of the term for the provision of services for the complex of Courses, the actual costs incurred are equal to the cost of the services paid by the User.
3. Final provisions
3.1. These rules are an integral part of the terms of use. The user agrees with these Rules at the time of payment for access to the Service.
3.2. The Service Administration has the right to change the Rules at any time, including cases when this is caused by changes in legislation or the Terms of Use of individual Services. The changes apply to relations with Users who will acquire access to the Services after making the appropriate changes. For other Users, the changes are not applied.

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